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This Abused Dog Thought He Was Going to to Die. Amazingly, He Was Proven Wrong.

When “Chance” was found in a plastic bag on May 14th beside a river bank in Wyoming, he had severe swelling on his head from a blunt injury and an infection so severe his eyes were swollen shut.

Starving, dehydrated, and suffering from severe abuse Dr Hazelwood gave him very little chance of recovery.
Chance was found starving, dehydrated and with severe injuries

Chance was found in a plastic bag near a canal in Roosevelt, by Ethan Cox, who was working nearby. He saw the bag and looked inside.

“I thought someone had left a dead dog in a bag. It was heartbreaking to me”.
Chance in bad shape

Ethan then drove 3 hours back to Salt Lake County and rushed Chance to the Hospital.
Chance The Puppy Feature

The hosital satff had their doubts about Chance making any kind of recovery, but with the amount of love and support that was given to Chance, he has made a miraculous recovery.
Chance with hospital staff

Just a week later Chance is now a new dog. He is hungry and ready to play with his new owner, the man who found and rescued him.
Chance making great recovery

“It’s been a miracle, a blessing,” said Cox who was at a loss for words trying to describe his feelings for the dog’s recovery.
Chance with Ethan

Dr Hazelwood who led the recovery efforts for Chance, said despite the abuse and severe head trauma that Chance should make a full recovery and be as good as new.

“Alot of us are probably going to have tears in our eyes when he leaves. We’ve really grown to love that little guy!” Dr Hazelwood continued.
Dr Hazelwood

Ethan wanted to thank all the people across Wyoming and Utah who contributed to the vet bills, and added that he couldn’t wait to bring Chance home so he could play with other dogs and children, and bring happiness to so many peoples lives.

No matter how bad things seem, Chance proves there’s always hope of a good ending. Share this with others who need some inspiration!