DIY Organization 15 Super Easy Storage Ideas for Small Spaces

15 Super Easy Storage Ideas for Small Spaces

Clutter is a constant battle in small spaces so you need to be really clever about how you organize the space you have, no matter how tiny it is! Once you start employing a few of the genius techniques below, you’ll find you’ve created a calmer more organized environment that lets you enjoy your living space a lot more. Some of the ideas below literally take a few minutes to do whilst a few others are slightly bigger projects – but they can be easily carried out by anyone with basic DIY skills. So hopefully you’ll find one or two that will help you get more organized today!

1. 5 Minute Genius Shoe Storage

5 Minute Genius Shoe Storage

There’s no if about it – you’ve got a billion pairs of high heels, but nowhere to put them! Well now you do. Using tension rods is the perfect way to store and display your beloved shoes, and the best thing is you don’t need any tools – just a half dozen tension rods and a few minutes to put them in place. Best of all, if you’re renting your property you won’t need to drill any holes or cause any damage to the walls. And if and when you move to your next place, it takes two minutes to take the tension rods down and put them up again. Genius!

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2. Bobby Pin Magnet Strip

Bobby Pin Magnet Strip

There’s really not much to this, you just need to buy your magnetic strip online and put it somewhere handy in your bathroom. So no more rummaging through drawers and toiletries, you’ve got all your bobby pins neatly organized – and again without doing any DIY. (Go to about 5:47 in the video below).

Find the tutorial HERE


3. Wall Mounted Wire Baskets for Towel Storage

Wall Mounted Wire Baskets for Towel Storage

Towels, towels everywhere towels! Ok so here’s a really quick way to organize them. Get a couple of these rustic wire baskets online, and all you need is 4 wire clamps and screws to mount them to your wall. This really only takes a few minutes and they look really stylish. Just make sure you use a spirit level to keep them nice and straight!

Find the tutorial HERE


4. Trash Bags on a Roll

Trash Bags on a Roll

There’s a lot of dead space under your sink, so utilizing it with trash bags rolls is an awesome way them organized and means you’ll never have to go hunting for bags again! You’ll need a few supplies like curtain rod holders and bracket set. But they’ll only cost a few bucks and it’ll be worth every penny!

Find the tutorial HERE


5. Hanging Shoe Rack for Cleaning Supplies

Hanging Shoe Rack for Cleaning Supplies

Hanging shoe racks are all the rage and can be used for storing so many things: from children’s toys to kitchen utensils. In this idea we’ve shown how you can store all your cleaning supplies – and the great thing about the see through pockets is you can see exactly what item you need. It might be better to keep your more frequently used items in the lower pockets.

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6. Under Sink Storage

Under Sink Storage

We just can’t get enough of those tension rods! Here’s another brilliant space saving idea for your cleaning supplies (if you don’t want to use the over the door organizer in the previous idea). Once again it will only take a few minutes to put them up – but you can see what a difference they make!

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7. Window Box Bathroom Storage

Window Box Bathroom Storage

Believe it or not this project only costs $35 to make! What makes these wicker baskets so great is that they’re really deep so can store loads of towels, toilet paper and toiletries. Not only that, they look so stylish it’s hard to believe they’re so practical. So check out the tutorial below to see how to make it happen!

Find the tutorial HERE


8. Hanger Sunglasses Display

Hanger Sunglasses Display

It doesn’t get any easier than this! If you have all of 30 seconds just bang a nail in your wall and add a hanger and hey presto you’ve got an instant sunglasses organizer. Go to about 5:13 in the video below to see how to make it… 🙂

Find the tutorial HERE


9. DIY Matchbox Car Garage

DIY Matchbox Car Garage

If you’ve got boys then you’ve got hundreds of matchbox cars and endless headaches figuring out where to put them all. Well fret no more! Here’s a super awesome tutorial showing you how to re-purpose a shoe rack into a wall mounted garage. Its super easy to make, cheap and your boys will absolutely love it – it’ll be like having their very own car museum!

Find the tutorial HERE


10. DIY Shoebox Charging Station

DIY Shoebox Charging Station

I hate wires. I mean really hate them! So I actually made one of these and it works like a dream. All you need is an old shoebox, glue, grommets (for the holes) and wallpaper. The grommets are a bit tricky to put in – and make sure you use a ruler to keep them all spaced out and in line. Also, try and get fairly wide grommets as the ones I used were a bit small for some of my wires…and that was mucho annoying!

Find the tutorial HERE


11. Gold Sprayed Jars

Gold Sprayed Jars

This idea is all about combining function with style. We all know we can use jars to store pretty much anything under the sun but if you follow this tutorial you’ll be able to use your storage as a decor piece. 2 in 1 ideas is what small space storage is all about!

Find the tutorial HERE


12. Hang Paint Brushes on Rod

Hang Paint Brushes on Rod

Here’s a really handy way to store all your paintbrushes: Simply install a couple of screws or hooks into wooden rafters, add a stiff wire then thread through the brush handles.

Find the tutorial HERE


13. Hanging Storage Bins

Hanging Storage Bins

I love this idea, because it means we get to recycle plastic containers into something really functional and cool looking – but mainly because it’s oh so cheap! Another great thing about this storage device is that the containers are detachable – so if you have crayons for kids (for example) you can take the container down, let the do their artwork wherever they want and when they’re finished they can pack the crayons back in and hang it up on the wall!

Find the tutorial HERE


14. Makeup Magnet Board

Makeup Magnet Board

This is probably the easiest tutorial for makeup magnet boards that I’ve ever seen. It’ll cost about $25 but is most definitely worth the spend. You’ll need magnetic buttons, magnetic tape strips, sheet metal a frame and a few other bits and bobs…so check out the video below for this awesome tutorial!

Find the tutorial HERE


15. Mason Jar Bathroom Organizer

Mason Jar Bathroom Organizer

Here’s another easy little project that will really help you get all your toiletries organized! You’ll need a plank of wood, some stain, 4 mason jars and 4 hose clamps. All in you could probably make this mason jar organizer for about $12 – and how cool does it look!

Find the tutorial HERE


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