Uncategorized Frugal Living: 18 Tips on How to Live Like a Cheapskate!

Frugal Living: 18 Tips on How to Live Like a Cheapskate!

If you’re tired of living paycheck to paycheck, having your phone regularly cut off, or making excuses to skip dinners with your friends, then follow some – or all – of these tips, so you can start spending less and saving more!

1. Hang your clothes on a washing line:
You can save around $100 a year or more if you hang your clothes up to dry on a line. Yes, $100.
Use a clothes line
Source: Old Photos Blogspot

2. Wash dishes by hand using one sink-full of water
The less hot water you use the better. That doesn’t mean using your old bath water though.
Wash dishes by hand
Source: huffingtonpost.com

3. Take public transport:
Parking and gas is expensive – research your local transport – do the math and you might be able to save loads of dough!
Take public transport
Source: Team Jimmy Joe

4. Make all your own gifts:
Ok, not everything you make is going to turn out perfectly – but the more you try the better you’ll get.
Make all your own gifts
Source: Pinstrosity

5. Give up your smart phone:
Not gonna happen is it? You’re addicted. Your life revolves around it. But if you can do it – you’ll save hundreds of $ per year.
Give up your smart phone

6. Use coupons:
Coupons aren’t just for lonely housewives. They can seriously save you loadsa cash. So get out the scissors and start snipping today.
Become a coupon expert
Source: someecards

7. Get a roommate:
Find a good roommate and you’ll save thousands per year! They’ll split the rent, bills and make staying in more fun. (Remember – you have to find a good roommate!)
Get a roommate
Source: dumpaday.com

8. Grow your own food:
Growing your own food is fun – especially food that regrows from itself…(Click the link below to see how!).
Grow your own food
Source: simpledailyrecipes.com

9. Upcycle your old clothes:
Tshirts can be turned into a million and one things. Like totes. I’d love a t-shirt tote!
Upcycle your old clothes
Source: instructables

10. Give up cable:
Dya really need to see more midget strippers flexing their muscles? Possibly – but nowadays you can watch most of your TV on your laptop.
Give up cable
Source: iflops.tumblr.com/

11. Play board games:
That new roommate, make sure they love playing board games. Dressing up is optional.
Play board games
Source: boardgamegeek

12. Cook more meals at home:
And remember no matter how bad it tastes theres always beer. But only one okay, you’re on a budget!
Cook more meals at home
Source: rekhadhyani.com

13. Start shopping at thrift stores more often:
Not only will you save lots on your shopping bill, but alot of the time it will double as free entertainment.
Start shopping at thrift stores more often
Source: kdvr.com

14. Quit the gym and find free ways to exercise:
Need some ideas for free ways to exercise? How about: Couch crunches, floor stretches, dancing, running, cleaning, cooking, growing your own food…theres millions!
Quit the gym and find free ways to exercise
Source: funnystack.com

15. Sell your clutter and learn to live with less:
You really don’t need all the junk you own. And if you get rid of it and learn to live with less – then the less likely you’ll be to buy more junk in the future.
Sell your clutter and learn to live with less
Source: egotvonline.com

16. Quit smoking:
It’s sooooo expensive to smoke. You know that already though.
Quit smoking
Source: adsoftheworld.com

17. Stop using your credit cards:
And start making plecks from them, check out the tutorial below!
Stop using your credit cards
Source: inhabitat.com

18. Cut your own hair:
Okay, might be pushing the boat out too far with this one. But if you’re feeling brave or really poor – then give it a go.
Cut your own hair
Source: girllovesglam.com

Got any friends or family that need to save a few bucks? Then share this with them – they’ll be happy you did!