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This Kid Was Bullied A LOT. He Could Have Told His Teacher Or Principal. He Had Bigger Plans.

After being bullied for more than a year, a 14 year old student from Montreal’s South Shore decided to fight back.

For months, the boy was the target of insults at school. He was ignored at lunchtime and overlooked as classmates formed groups for schoolwork. He cried when he was at home alone, out of view of his classmates.

He finally confided in a Grade 10 student on the bus, who encouraged the younger boy to speak out about his experience.

And so the boy decided to use social media as his weapon. The 14-year-old poured out his heart on Facebook. To protect his identity, the student is known only as Mathieu in the below rport.

Jacques Gravel, a vice-principal at the school, said there was plan in place to fight bullying, and the school tried to help Mathieu before he spoke out online, but without success.

“Young people have proven that, just as we’re raising questions about social networks, there are smart ways they can be used,” he said.

“As for Mathieu, he [said] that it was the best day of his life, that he was happy and excited.”

Via cbc.ca

Social media can be used for both good and bad intentions – so to see a story that promotes social media in a positive light is a nice change. Please share this with people who may benefit from the positive outcome of this story.