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At Age 10 This Girl Thought Her Dreams Were Over. Then a Stranger Changed Everything.

Mackezies mother always told her she was so pretty she should model. But any dreams she had of that were dashed at the age of 10 when a reckless driver hit her familys car.

But when photographer Kerri Lane was out to dinner with her husabnd last month she saw Mackenzie with her boyfriend, and decided to go over to her. “But when I got up to go introduce myself, that’s the first time I saw she was in a wheel chair. It’s not typically something you see for someone her age.”

What happened next was about to change Mackenzies world. Watch the full story below:

Mackenzie says what she’s gained is a large dose of self confidence.
mackezie clare - 8

And now when she looks at these photos, she says for the first time in her life feels like she too could be part of a fairytale.
mackezie clare - 10

“Being in a wheelchair I’d never seen models in wheelchairs in magazines or in commercials or in TV shows.”
mackezie clare - 11

In the last few days Mackenzies mermaid photos have featured in Vogue Italia, so it seems Mackenzies fairytale may indeed just be about to begin.

If you’d like to see more photo’s of the photoshoot check out Kerri Lanes facebook page.

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