Uncategorized 21 of the Stupidest Things Ever Posted On Facebook

21 of the Stupidest Things Ever Posted On Facebook

None of the following posts were staged – however names have been, for the most part, removed. And by the way “stupidest” is a word. Honest.

1. Makes you proud.
Alaska....thats a cake with ice cream isn't itSource: worldwideinterweb.com

2. Nobody will remember, don’t worry.
You sure thats in the right holeSource: worldwideinterweb.com

3. You work for NASA right?
Just copy and paste it - it fixes everythingSource: worldwideinterweb.com

4. No, it was definitely a thing with robot steps
No, it was definitely an escaltor step thingySource: ifail.info

5. Put another bratwurst on the barbie
Put another bratwurst on the barbieSource: ifail.info

6. Show me the money!
Show me the money,Source: ifail.info

7. Gotta luv those squirrels
Squirrels are extra special animalsSource: ifail.info

8. Happy Halloween y’all
Happy Halloween y'allSource: viralnova.com

9. So long everyone..Hola America Land
So long everyone..Hola America LandSource: worldwideinterweb.com

10. Go home elevator you’re drunk
Go home elevator you're drunkSource: runt-of-the-web.com

11. Maybe not stupid, but tragically funny
Maybe not stupid, but tragicall funny nonethelessSource: runt-of-the-web.com

12. Hurry up and tell me!
Hurry up and tell meSource: runt-of-the-web.com

13. Ah oui oui!
Ah oui oui I love New YorkSource: runt-of-the-web.com

14. How come I can’t see the Queen?
Are you enjoying your trip in EnglandSource: dose.com

15. Why are there no camels?
WTF - Now you're in EgyptSource: dose.com

16. Say what?
Say whatSource: dose.com

17. Oh no you didn’t..!
You did whatSource: dose.com

18. Is this the same girl that left America to goto New York?
Isnt this the same girl that left America to goto New YorkSource: dose.com

19. No that’s not what I meant…
No that's not what I meant....Source: dose.com

20. Argon…geddit? Oh dear.
Argon...geddit Oh dear.
Source: dose.com

21. Oops!
No not this one. I meant...sorry.Source: dose.com

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