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The Sculptor who Turns Trash into Street Art

Spanish artist Francisco de Pajaro makes stunning, transient sculptures from garbage he finds lying around. The trash then gets cleaned up by the garbage men. de Pajaro creates his art in the full knowledge it will be disposed of within 24 hours. Art that barely last’s a day. That’s perfect street art.

Figures clutch each other with arms made from packaging tape.
3 Black Bags - Francisco de Pájaro

The subjects normally have distraught controted expressions.
4 Men in a Skip - Francisco de Pájaro

And are seemingly always trying to escape.
4 Men Rowing a Skip - Francisco de Pájaro

It’s art that makes you stop and think.
Alone in a Blanket - Francisco de Pájaro

de Pajaro works primarily on the streets of London.
Art is Trash - Francisco de Pájaro

The black bag monsters are mischievous.
Black Bin Monster - Francisco de Pájaro

The Barcelona-born street artist rejoices in the here-today-gone-tomorrow nature of his work.
Cardboard Box Horse - Francisco de Pájaro

Turning bin-bags, boxes, broken furniture and other detritus into human figures, monsters and animals.
Comical Bins - Francisco de Pájaro

All of de Pajaro’s pieces can easily be seen as artistic suicide, creative works destined to be destroyed.
Gang of Bins - Francisco de Pájaro

De Pajaro has to work quickly: he sees a pile of rubbish, moves it around, paints it, sticks it with tape…
Lazy Rubbish - Francisco de Pájaro

…then leaves his trademark moniker and walks away – with a smile.
Mish Mash - Francisco de Pájaro

“I am creating fun and beauty out of something society considers gross and disgusting,” he says.
Monster Rubbish - Francisco de Pájaro

“Garbage is hated, ignored, considered smelly and rotten. But for me it has become a place to create monsters, to make fun of politicians and the humourless”.
Skip Art - Francisco de Pájaro

De Pajaro moved to London to escape the economic crisis in Spain and restrictive laws outlawing street expression. “Painting trash in London is certainly not making me any money but it is great fun,” he laughs.
Steet Cycle - Francisco de Pájaro

You can check out more of de Pajaro’s amazing work at his website

Via theguardian.com

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