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Young Boy Made Bucket List Before He Passed Away – His Final Wish Will Melt Your Heart

An inspirational 11-year-old boy who touched the hearts of everyone with his humble bucket list passed away a few days ago, after a six-year battle with neuroblastoma. The brave youngster compiled a bucket list of things he wanted to do before he died, posting it on his Facebook fundraising page.

On Reece’s bucket list was to have breakfast from Wetherspoon, too ill to make it to them, his local Wetherspoon brought breakfast to him.
breakfast from wetherspoon

Hundreds of people supported him, helping him tick off his list, including famous UK comedians Matt Lucas and David Walliams.
david walliams and matt lucas with reece puddington

A big fan of ‘Lord of The Rings’ Reece also wanted to build a Hobbit House. When set designer Jason Onion got word – he came up with this amazing design for the house and many businesses came forward to donate all the materials.
A big fan of lord of the rings

Peter Jackson’s publicist, Carol Marshall, read about Reece’s ‘Bucket List’. She contacted the director and soon after he sent a video message. Reece’s Mom said: “Reece was over the moon to receive the video message – it made him feel really special!”
Peter Jackson also sent a message

Another item on Reece’s bucket list was a Wikipad gaming pad. But not only did the manufacturers send him one, they also got Captain Jack Sparrow to deliver it – because meeting “The Captain” was also on his list.
Johnny Depp with Reece Puddington

While Reece may not have met the real Johnny Depp, his fellow co-star in “Pirates of the Carribean”, Winston Ellis, paid a visit. Winston said: “When I read the story it touched my heart and I felt to myself I had to come down and meet this young man.”
Reece Puddington and Winston Ellis

In February of this year, Reece could no longer face the exhausting treatment. “My mum thought that if she was doing it for herself she would keep sending me for treatment as she wouldn’t want to let me go, but if she was doing it for me she’d let me go. “Well, she’s letting me go..”
As Reeces illness advanced

Reeces last wish was to have a beach hut that he could visit, but unfortunatley he became to ill to fulfill that. However, because of his blog and facebook page floods of donations rained in – £18,000 of the £35,000 needed. His last Facebook post on May 9, read: “Don’t forget, although it’s too late for me to have a beach hut, lots of children could still benefit…so please keep the donations coming. Love Reece. x”
Reece Puddington Final Wish

That was Reece’s final wish. Together with his mum and carer Kay, Reece helped raise awareness of his condition and funds to help other terminally ill children enjoy time with their families. What an amazing last wish.

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